About Sexual Addiction

SASA works from the understanding that the term “sexual addiction” is a limited one that does not fully encapsulate the scope of the disorder it is attempting to describe. Moreover, in some cases the term may "overstate" the situation. Our view is that the behaviours related to this disorder vary widely: ranging from occasional lapses in sexual integrity to frequent and compulsive sexual acting out and even, in some instances, sexual offending.

We equip pastoral and clinical practitioners to assist any person who perceives they are being harmed by their own, an intimate partner’s, or a parent’s sexual patterns. We suggest using whatever terminology feels most comfortable to those seeking that assistance.

In this short video, James Annear of Core Recovery explains the difference between “sex addiction”, “problematic sexual behaviour”, “compulsive sexual behaviour”, and “hypersexuality”: all terms used by the therapeutic community related to patterns of harmful sexual behaviours.