Pastoral and Clinical Resources

SASA has a number of recommended print and online resources. Some of these resources are geared toward those impacted by sex addiction, others for those working with them. Some are suitable for both groups.



Since the inception of the sex addiction treatment field in the 1980’s there have been numerous books written on the topic of sex addiction and, starting in 2005, partner trauma. Follow the link to read book reviews on some of the resources we most recommend. Many of these books are available in New Zealand through Oil of Joy Press.



Numerous video resources are available for the person, partner, and couple impacted by sex addiction. Video resources listed also include those suitable for support groups.


Academic papers

A number of academic papers have been published over the years on the topic of sex addiction and partner trauma. Many of these papers have been published through the journal Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity.

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Websites on the topic of sex addiction and partner trauma abound. See our list of websites we frequently recommend to therapists, church leaders and those impacted by sexual addiction.

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There are a number of organisations around the world that we partner with at times, or whose work we recommend.